'Win' people to your cause - Recruiter Tips

I have always thought that it doesn't matter what you are doing, you always have to, 'Win' people to your cause. Whether it be recruiting a new person, fundraising, interviewing someone, or finding volunteers you always have to 'Win' people to your cause.

This can be very useful when interviewing people for a position at your company or non-profit. The objective is to get the interviewee to 'want' the job as much as possible. If you can 'win' that person to your cause as much as possible, then he/she is going to be much more appreciative of the job, and do a better job.

'Winning' someone to your cause is almost like selling, you need to sell that interviewee on why your business or non-profit is the best one in the whole world, and how this position that they are being interviewed for, is the best one that is available.

Start by making a list of all the reasons that someone would want to have the job that you are offering. What is great about it? What benefits does it have? What kind of unique and different experiences will the interviewee have that he/she won't get anywhere else?
Just remember, to be a good recruiter, 'Win' them to your cause!