Resume Screening Software to improve your Recruiting Productivity by 100%

Most recruiters waste too much of time screening the unqualified resumes. According to a recent edition of Human Resources Management Daily, in a survey of 5,000 corporate recruiters and hiring managers, 92 percent said they were inundated with irrelevant responses from an on-line job posting. 71 percent indicated that most of the resumes they received did not match the job description.

With hundreds of emails cluttering the mail box everyday, recruiters are unable to screen the qualifying resumes from a huge volume of irrelevant responses. A good technology solution could help the recruiter in the screening process. ResumeGrabber Pro is one such solution that helps recruiters increase recruiting productivity, by automating resume screening.

ResumeGrabber Pro was designed with an insight to automate the resume screening by highlighting the competency factors like skills, experience, knowledge preferences. This excellent tool has always helped the recruiters in comparing the candidates based on the criteria transparently.