Are you "Googling" your Candidates? - Recruiter Tips

Source: eGrabber Newsletters

There are many times, in this day and age of social networking, people tend to share just a bit too much about themselves. One quick way to check on a candidate is to run that person’s name through a search engine. The common phrase is "googling" but you don't have to use the Google search engine to do this.

If you are using Google, you simply put the person's name in quote marks into the search text box. For instance, "mark e. berger"

If you were going to use the Live search engine you would type in this - mark.e.berger - using dots in between the words instead of quote marks.

If it is a common name you might want to use other keywords that fit the individual. There are many employers these days that are using this practice as one of their screening methods. You should take this step before they do. It only takes a minute and offers a bit more peace of mind about a referral.