4 tips to source candidates on LinkedIn

We have a lot of social networking sites and the most popular among them are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, for a recruiter, though they use all of the three and many such social networks, LinkedIn is the most preferred of all social networks. Why?

LinkedIn has about 300+ million users. What's more? LinkedIn has about 187,000,000 unique monthly visitors. For every second, two new professionals join LinkedIn. The users are spread across 200+ countries.     

Recruiters can access a huge pool of candidates all at one place. The search & advanced search features and LinkedIn Groups further help you to find the right candidates.  

So how can recruiters make the most of this popular and potential recruiting platform?

Try the following: 
  1. Create an impressive company page that will help job seekers to find you. Ensure that you are active on LinkedIn.
  2. With respect to posting jobs, spend time to write accurate and descriptive job ads that clearly conveys the job details and expectations.
  3. Reach your potential candidates over phone and personalized messages. Make sure you reply to their questions promptly.
  4. Initiate conversations with potential passive candidates and try building relationships with them.