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Recently, carried an interesting article about the impact of online resumes. The opening paragraph from the article is as follows:

The art of the job search has undergone seismic changes in the digital economy. As broadband coverage pervades in even developing nations, job-hunt sites and online resume listings have multiplied around the globe. Employers are being snowed under in a digital storm of resumes as technology eases the speed of sending CV's and resumes. Source -

With millions of candidates posting resumes online, finding qualified candidate has remained a daunting job with, or without technology. "Too often" says Lou Adler, President of Adler Group, a training and consulting firm,"excellent candidates slip right under the radar while poor candidates wind up being interviewed and sometimes hired."

As the deluge of online resumes grows, the ability to rapidly zero in on the relevant candidates is critical to recruiters and having the right software tools can make all the difference. ResumeGrabber Pro is one such piece of software designed specifically to help recruiters rapidly screen and process resumes.

ResumeGrabber Pro can be setup within in minutes to automatically scan and capture resumes available in Google, Job boards, Outlook Email, Google Desktop and personal PC folders. All captured resumes are then presented an organized neatly in an easy-to-view spreadsheet like grid. The grid can be used to easily sort and screen all captured resumes using the data extracted from the resume such as keywords, skills, years of experience, location etc. In this manner, the ResumeGrabber Pro grid allows recruiter to quickly scan and screen resumes while also keeping track of all daily searches in one screen. A built-in search bar, allows resumes in the grid to be further filtered using keywords.

Once recruiters have narrowed down their search using all relevant criteria, they can instantly review the original resume by clicking on a the resume entry in the grid. Doing so launches the resume viewer in the bottom half of ResumeGrabber Pro’s grid. Here resumes can be viewed in “original view” or “snippet view”. The “snippet view” displays a summarized view of the resume with only those portions of the resume that contain relevant keywords.

Recruiters who have been using ResumeGrabber Pro agree that ResumeGrabber Pro is an essential software tool for any recruiter that has to deal with the high volume of online resumes today.

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