Tips and Strategies for Hiring Marketing Professionals

In the next few posts, I would be publishing the tips written by Terri Robinson for hiring Marketing Professionals

Resume Pre-qualifying

In screening résumés for marketing professionals, some things should send up a red flare if you see them:

1.Short periods of employment. Less than a year at a company can mean nothing in today’s world of "dot-bombs," but seeing several short periods could be cause for concern. Many candidates thrive in the fast-paced world of the start-up, and will accept positions with them again and again in spite of a setback with their previous employer.

2.Titles that don’t reflect growth. Was the candidate a VP in one period and then Marketing Manager in the next? Many start-up companies use titles that don’t reflect the true responsibilities held by the employee. Or perhaps they found after hiring that the person didn’t have the expertise needed for the job, and so demoted him or her to a lesser job. A candidate that has moved from company to company with the same job title may be jumping ship just to get more money.

3.Responsibilities that seem more administrative than managerial. Look for more things like target market analysis, ad tracking, results reporting, branding, advertising and public relations experience.

Author Bio

Terri Robinson, President - Robinson & Associates, a recruiting company that specializes in sales and marketing professionals. Terri has been published in Arizona Women's News, Arizona Reporter Online News; interviewed by Recruiting Trends' Newsletter for their Extreme Recruiting column, by Smart Money Magazine, and by Sales and Marketing Management Magazine. Surf to, call 602-233-8410, or E-mail with your contact information.