Tool to help the Recruiter of Internet Age - Article

Naturally, a recruiter can add value to a business by presenting only those candidates who are most suited to the position - from a technical and a personal perspective - it saves everyone time and effort.

The employer sends a recruitment request to the recruiter for the positions to be filled. For this recruitment request the recruiter looks in the talent pool to evaluate the available talents and then specifies the recruitment plan, for example which target group should be given preference, where to advertise, and so on. Depending on the recruitment plan, the recruiter may publish the vacant positions in external media. The candidate looks at the internal job board or external media for advertised positions, and applies for the positions that he or she is interested in.

Applications come in by the bucket load. Recruiter has to read through all the resumes to find the right candidate. Of course, a good technology solution for a recruiter will assist in the process. Software can be used to match a candidate’s profile or CV with a job spec in order to provide a short list of people that the recruiter can then consider.

ResumeGrabber is an intelligent data entry software which automates all steps involved in manual resume data entry. It's powerful search feature scans resumes from search engines, job boards,e-mails and PC folders. Resume Identification Validator Technology accurately recognizes and displays resumes from a bunch of documents. Intelligent analyzer identifies candidate contact details in the resume and transfers it to your database. The "Snip PreView technology" shows snippets of keyword-matched sentences from the resume. Computes candidate's total work experience from the resume. Rejects resumes not matching required competencies. Transfers resumes directly to your database/address book in a single click and saves search results and labels 'hot' candidates for future reference.

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