How to recruit people that YOU want for your team

To make great change in the world, you need a team that wants to make great change in the world. So many people have asked me, “Christopher, how the heck can I attract the right people to my non-profit who want to make change in the world like me?”

This is very simple, you have to create ads and an atmosphere where you ‘attract’ these people to your non-profit. If you want to attract crazy, fun, outstanding people, then you need to create crazy, fun, outstanding ads to recruit new team members. Take a look at all 50 resumes of people who applied for the job, pick the 10 craziest, fun, and odd looking resumes (ones that are purposefully made to look different) and then invite them all in for an interview. Then at the interview, make the interview process crazy and different.

Then, ask them different questions that you normally would not ask in a job interview. Here are some good ones:

-When was the last times you ‘broke’ the rules to help someone in need?

-Would you do it again?

-What is the craziest thing that you have ever done?

-How far will you go to help someone in need, even if it means (blank)?

Remember, ordinary boring people get ordinary boring goals. While crazy outstanding people, get crazy outstanding goals.

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