Send Email Template - used to send email to candidates

ResumeGrabber allows you to create templates based on the nature of the email. For example, to call the candidates for Interview, to send offer to selected candidates etc.. you can also send bulk email to shortlisted candidates using the templates. This bulk mail can also be personalized for each candidate by using the mail merge concept.

Forward Resume Template - used to send the resumes to clients

When you find resumes that match a specific job category, you can forward them to your client by using this template in ResumeGrabberPro. For example, if you find suitable candidates for Sales and Marketing, you can use a template to attach and send the selected resumes to the client. If you find candidates to match Software Engineer, you can attach the corresponding resumes and forward them to the client. You can create different templates based on the category to attach and send resumes that fit into different categories.

Whenever you find the right candidate, you can immediately send personalized email by using the ResumeGrabber templates.
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