Why Posting Jobs Online is a Passive Strategy?

Posting jobs online is one of the most common activities that recruiters and hiring managers do whenever they have a job opening. But Glen Cathey, one of the leading sourcing experts in the industry, has a different opinion. Glen, in his recent article, says that posting jobs online is a passive strategy. He also says that posting jobs online doesn’t offer control over the candidate qualifications, attracts only active job seekers and posting jobs online is not social.
Here are a few points discussed in the article:
  • Why posting jobs online is a passive strategy? Because there isn’t any action involved other than posting jobs and the recruiters wait for things to happen rather than identifying, attracting and hiring top talent.
  • When you post jobs online, you do not have control over candidate qualifications. You post a job ad with a specific qualification and experience but there is no guarantee that only those candidates will respond to your job posting. Anybody (unqualified, under-qualified, overqualified candidates) can and might respond to your ad.
  • Job postings attract only active job seekers that represent the smallest percentage of talent pool. Studies reveal that only 14% are actively looking for jobs. So you miss out on the rest of the 84% of the candidate pool. Also, you cannot be sure that the 14% of candidates that you target are the “right” candidates for the job.
  • Another issue with posting jobs online is visibility. Most of the job postings and job ads go unnoticed by the candidates. Even if they happen to see job postings, it is unlikely that candidates take action based on the job postings/ads.  
  • Finally, posting jobs online isn’t social because of lack of engagement or interaction.

On the other hand, Glen believes that sourcing candidates from the Internet, social/professional networking sites, online resume databases, ATS/CRM and other sources to be an active strategy. He reckons that sourcing offers more control over candidate qualifications, helps to specifically target passive candidates & active job seekers and is 100% social.
He concludes that although posting jobs online is logical and can produce results, it is not recommended for organizations to completely rely on job postings for all their recruitment needs as they will lose their competitive advantage.  Instead of waiting for things to happen, if recruiters act proactively and start identifying, attracting and recruiting candidates, they can expect to get more results.

Premanand Arumugam

Information Developer, Technical Author, Content Writer, Blogger

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