Resume Screening Software - A recruiter's essential

More than 60% of employers plan to increase the use of corporate websites as a recruitment tool in 2007, according to research by Cranfield School of Management in association with Personnel Today.

One third of the survey respondents said the "Ease of use" for candidates was a very important reason for using corporate websites. Almost a third of candidates (32%) said having access to a larger pool was a major factor.


Now the major factor being, having access to a larger pool, the recruiters obviously have to automate the resume screening process. Assessing qualified resumes has always been a complex practice. ResumeGrabber was designed to make the recruiters job easy by highlighting the competency factors like skills, experience, knowledge preferences. This excellent feature has always helped the recruiters in comparing the candidates based on the criteria transparently.

"My competitors do not have the ability to search the Internet and identify resumes as quickly as our organization does." - says VP of the Corporate Staffing division who is a customer of ResumeGrabber.

It is evident from his words that they are way ahead of the competition using ResumeGrabber. The product is stable and hardly requires any technical knowledge. The product requires minimal effort, time and cost to separate thousands of resumes into two piles, one for those who should not be considered and another for those that require further screening. Most recruiters agree that ResumeGrabber is definitely a recruiter's essential to screen hundreds of resumes for a position.