ResumeGrabber - A perfect technology to integrate with your recruiting processes

The growth of Internet has increased the quest for online talent search. IT recruiters and hiring managers invest in technology to solve critical issues in their recruiting process. However, the real success of recruiting firms depends on the successful integration of technology with their existing recruiting processes.

While looking for the available software solutions in the market, recruiting firms should evaluate whether such systems can handle the following manual processes:

=> Can it automatically extract resumes from any source?

=> Can it bring down your resumes screening time by half?

=> Can it completely eliminate manual resume data entry?

=> Can it automatically send email responses to screened candidates?

Normally, recruiters spend a lot of time manually to accomplish the above tasks and there are not many solutions that address all these issues. Nevertheless, ResumeGrabber is one such software that helps recruiters increase recruiting productivity, by automating most of these manual recruiting tasks.

ResumeGrabber automates the extraction of resumes from Search Engines, Job Boards, Outlook Email, Google Desktop and personal PC folders.

It organizes the candidate’s data and displays them in a grid - a simple spreadsheet that has rows and columns to sort quickly and screen the resumes using information such as location, skill sets, job category, years of experience and other keywords.

ResumeGrabber has a built-in search bar to filter the resumes. The recruiters no longer have to open individual resumes as the resume body is displayed in the bottom half of the grid and can be viewed in the "original view" or "snippet view." The snippet view reveals only portion of the resume that contain relevant keywords. The keywords are highlighted making it easy to view and identify relevant experience.

It has a built-in email feature that integrates with the existing email client and allows the recruiters to send emails to hiring managers or fellow recruiters with the resumes of the recommended candidates attached.

It also helps to automatically transfer candidate contact data and resumes instantly into any Database/Contact Managers/ATS. You can eliminate the hassle of routine manual data entry as ResumeGrabber seamlessly integrates with ACT!, Goldmine, Outlook, PC Recruiter, Excel and any ATS that imports CSV format.

By acquiring such a product, organizations will be able to significantly reduce time needed to fill openings and lower their recruiting costs.

Recruiters who have been using ResumeGrabber agree that they were able to spend more time on recruiting that resulted in increasing their customer base and improving their customer service.


Premanand Arumugam

Information Developer, Technical Author, Content Writer, Blogger

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