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This article briefs on how to stay away from unqualified candidates using the recruitment tools.

Would you like to make sure unqualified candidates never hit your desk again?

Recruiters and hiring managers are forced to deal with unqualified candidates on a regular basis. The “I’m perfect for the job” belief that so many candidates possess simply isn’t true. In some cases, the unqualified candidates are caught in the resume stage, but it takes time to weed through countless resumes of people that aren’t right for the job. The lives of recruiters and hiring managers would be much easier if they could simply attract top talent:

”…there are good Active job seekers that will apply for your jobs, the key is to maximize attracting the quality candidates while discouraging unqualified candidates from applying.” (From from the trenches)

If you can limit the number of unqualified candidates that send in resumes, you can save time for top talent. However, resumes alone aren’t always enough for a recruiter or hiring manager to catch on. The wrong candidate for the job walks through the door all of the time, and in some cases, they even get hired. It’s hard to fully measure the effect on a business the wrong hire can have, but it can be felt at all levels:

”The impact of wrong choice is sometimes devastating to the extent that those ‘wrong-fits’ cause good caliber people in the organization to quit; meanwhile, they do not allow ‘good-fits’ being hired which results – the long run – in ‘drying up’ corporate intellectual capital and a quick down slide of the organizational performance.” (From The Vicious Circle of Bad Selection)

Recruiters and hiring managers need the tools that let them know which candidates have the skills and qualifications they’re looking for before a job listing is even posted. They also need the means to target, connect to, and take action instantly with highly qualified candidates.

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