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The Internet-enabled recruiting market has brought with it more reach for employers and, in general, a higher volume of applicants for jobs. With thousands of applicants vying for each position advertised, recruiting is becoming an increasingly automated process. The aim of the recruiters is obviously to screen applicants in the shortest possible time. And the aim of ResumeGrabber Pro is to help the recruiters in their job.

ResumeGrabber Pro helps the recruiters to manage the flow and choose the best applicants for jobs than ever before. Though the interview remains a key component, recruiters always search for a tool like ResumeGrabber Pro to screen the right candidates.

Beyond the straightforward elimination of applicants who don't meet clear criteria, though, assessment is a complex practice requiring significant effort. ResumeGrabber has made it easy by highlighting the competency factors like skills, experience, knowledge, preferences. This excellent feature has always helped the recruiters in comparing the candidates based on the criteria transparently.

With minimal effort, the time and cost associated with the classic separation of applicants into two piles, one for those who should not be considered and another for those that require further screening, can be accomplished instantly with automated tool like ResumeGrabber Pro.

Most of recruiters agreed that ResumeGrabber Pro was of most benefit in saving time of the recruiter reviewing hundreds of resumes for a position. Then weeding out those in one on one interviews, then reviewing more. It is definitely a great tool reducing the time and rigor of the search effort and allowing the recruiters to spend more time with Clients and Candidates in building productive relationships as they are a key to success in the employment search and consultancy businesses.

Premanand Arumugam

Information Developer, Technical Author, Content Writer, Blogger

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