Resume Screening Software – ResumeGrabber Pro

ResumeGrabber Pro is one of the popular screening software that comes handy for recruiters. The initial recruiting process involves searching and screening the resumes. This consumes plenty of manual hours. ResumeGrabber makes this boredom work into a breeze.

If you search for resumes online, the search engine throws out millions of results. It is a tedious process to go through all the results and find out the resumes. ResumeGrabber contains Resume Validator that can filter resumes from the search engine results and display the resume details in a tabular form. This table, termed as ResumeGrabber Grid extracts the contact information, experience, keywords you have searched for and displays all the details in a spreadsheet format.

Each row of the grid displays details of a candidate. The bottom panel of the grid displays the preview of resume of the selected row. This helps you to filter and sort the candidates and then the filtered information can be easily transferred to your favorite CRM.

ResumeGrabber supports almost all the popular CRMs like ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook and Excel.

You can try the trial version from: