Google’s "Cached" and "Similar Pages" Links

Source: eGrabber Newsletters

When you run a search in Google, you will notice the “Cached” and “Similar Pages” links at the end of each search result. Google is always saving copies of new pages it visits so if that page disappears, you will still be able to view it in the “Cached” link. You may not see this link for some search results and that is because the owner of the web site may have requested Google not to cache the page or the page was not indexed in the first place.

The “Similar Pages” link will give you links to other web sites that are relevant to your search. Say, you are looking for engineers in the Bay Area with a Memory Flash background and living in the 408 area code. Your search string would look like this:
(intitle:resume | inurl:resume) "flash memory" 408

You will see a number of search results and when you click the “Similar Pages” link, it will give you additional names, websites and associations of potential candidates. Give it a try to increase your productivity.