Fast Track Resume Screening

Resume screening is the first step in recruiting process. The resume information gives you the idea about candidate’s work experience, skills and abilities.

The initial assessment of resumes has to be done based on your organization standards. The best method is to prepare a checklist that covers the essential skills, knowledge, experience and other desired qualities relevant to the job. You can evaluate a resume against this checklist. The screening standards help you to identify, filter and eliminate the resumes. However, reviewing the resumes manually may consume more time and money.

Nowadays millions of resumes are available online. In the advancement, lots of screening software are also available. Many organizations take advantage of the resume screening software that saves time and money. Such programs search the resumes for given information like skills, experience and other details.

The resume screening software is fast, economical and reduces hassle. Anyway, these screening systems have both advantages and disadvantages. We shall discuss them in the upcoming sessions.