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Many recruiters use Google to search for resumes, and there are a few “Google extras” that could come handy.

date: is used with keywords searches for related documents within a recent date range.
date: hurricanes 3 searches for documents on hurricanes posted within the last three months

Safesearch: is used with keywords searches for documents, but excludes adult sites.
safesearch: movies returns results about movies but leaves out the adult movie sites.

Q&A - Type your question into the search box and your answer will be at the top of the box.
Typing Population of USA returns the answer 295,734,134.
To get the weather in St. Louis, MO, type Weather St. Louis, MO

Currency Conversions - ­Type in 5 USD in GBP and you get the answer, 5 U.S. dollars = 2.83221933 British pounds.

Premanand Arumugam

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