Hire for Attitude; Train for Skill

This is the latest strategy followed by HR professionals.

What is attitude?

Attitude is the emotional view towards a subject or person. This can be positive, negative or neutral. An employee should have a positive attitude towards the job, work environment, co-workers and the company.

How important is attitude?

Well, 100% attitude is essential for a potential employee. Knowledge comes second followed by skill. Look for candidates with good attitude. This will reduce 50% of your recruiting pressure. Even if a candidate with good attitude lacks skills, the person can be trained easily. But you cannot teach attitude!

How to identify the person with proper attitude?

Attitude can be recognized from the behavior of the person. The body language and way of communication explain the behavior. The personality comes into the scene here. Watching the behavior of the candidate and asking appropriate questions help you to decide the person’s attitude.

We’ll discuss questions related to attitude and behavior in the forthcoming sessions.