ACT! users – Increase your productivity 5x times with ResumeGrabber

You need to keep track of the resume details after screening the resumes. You can save the contact information of the candidate in ACT! database and copy the resume text in the Notes tab of ACT!. This helps you to keep track of the details like candidate follow-ups and other activities.

The recurring problem is to manually enter the details of the candidate and resume into ACT! Normally, it takes 2-3 minutes to enter the contact details and the resume details in the appropriate fields of ACT!. So, typically if you are entering 20 resumes, this will consume atleast one hour for you. ResumeGrabber Pro automates this tedious data entry process possible within seconds.

ResumeGrabber extracts the individual contact details from resumes and transfers them into appropriate fields in ACT! database automatically. Apart from this, you have the option of saving the resume file in a local folder and then link the resume file to the corresponding contact in ACT!. You can also save the resume text in the Notes tab of ACT!. ResumeGrabber enables you to schedule activities to follow-up with the candidates. Moreover, all these can be done in seconds with a few clicks.

When you combine ResumeGrabber with ACT!, you will get a complete Applicant Tracking System.

You can download the trial version of ResumeGrabber from:


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