Pros & Cons of Resume Screening Software

Resume screening is a time-consuming process that involves a lot of manual effort.
Using software for screening resumes reduces the time and effort. This can also save money, as extra manpower required is cut down. When resume screening is done by a software, the personal bias is avoided. The software treats all the resumes the same while searching for given information. The automatic filtering, sorting and saving resumes provides the competitive edge of quick retrieval of required information.
On the other hand, there is a chance of missing a potential candidate just because the given keyword is not found in the person’s resume. The software is limited to do in the way it has been programmed. A personal approach to the style of the resume will be missing in this system. Moreover, a computer savvy person, who knows how exactly the software searches for information, can provide all the keywords appropriately in the resume and easily get it screened by the software.
Resume screening is an important part of the recruiting process. The advantages of resume screening software such as automation, saving time, eliminating manual errors overcome the disadvantages.
ResumeGrabber JobSuite is an automated resume screening software that helps you to quickly screen hundreds of resumes in just a few minutes. The auto-summarize feature in ResumeGrabber JobSuite enables you to quickly view the summary of the selected resumes and eliminates the hassles of manual resume screening. ResumeGrabber JobSuite makes online resume screening a lot easier and quicker.

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