ResumeGrabber Pro – The Screening Tool for the Internet Era

How Recruiters Can Streamline Their Screening Process Using ResumeGrabber Pro

If you are a recruiter seeking qualified skilled candidates, posting the job availability on the Internet today will yield more resumes from a wider array of candidates all over the world than the responses received from an advertisement posted in journals or publication a few years ago.

With the advent of Internet, job seekers upload resumes in the corporate websites and via large job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder and many more. These websites and job boards have increased the volume of online resume by many multiples over the past ten years. Therefore, recruiters are now faced with the task of screening many more resumes than in the past.

Recruiters may receive qualified candidate resumes, but they also receive a large quantity of unqualified resumes as many applicants see landing a top position in one of the top firms as a number game.

ResumeGrabber Pro seeks to normalize the pool of candidates the recruiters receive today to facilitate the screening process of matching qualified candidates with those who seek to employ them. ResumeGrabber Pro intelligently processes information in resumes and summarizes and ranks them depending on how well they match the job requirements. ResumeGrabber Pro works with Job Boards, Outlook Email, PC folders with text, word or HTML documents and even resumes from google searches.

ResumeGrabber Pro rapidly scans through all the resumes, presenting them neatly in an easy-to-view spreadsheet format. Recruiters can now keep track of their daily searches in one grid – a simple spreadsheet that has rows and columns to help the recruiters organize all details captured from resumes. Resumes can be quickly sorted and screened using information such as location, skill sets, job category, years of experience and other keywords.

ResumeGrabber Pro has a built-in search bar by which resumes can be further filtered. Recruiters no longer have to open individual resumes as the resume body is displayed in the bottom half of the grid and can be viewed in the "original view" or "snippet view." The "snippet view" reveals only portions of the resume that contain relevant keywords. The keywords are highlighted making it easy to view and identify relevant experience.

ResumeGrabber Pro is a simple cost effective screening tool that not only assists in the screening process, but also allows recruiters to send customized emails to candidates and clients. This powerful feature is useful as a means to conduct mass email campaigns and getting interested candidates in instead of having to call them individually. This dynamic tool saves and import resumes instantly into any Database/Contact Managers/ATS.

Recruiters who have been using ResumeGrabber Pro agree that they were able to increase their productivity dramatically and improved their ability to spot and develop great talent which assisted greatly in the growth of their company. Many recruiters recommend this product to both well established staffing firms and to anyone who is just starting out as ResumeGrabber Pro manages processing of huge volumes of resumes without re-engineering the existing the software infrastructure.

Improving your screening process is just a click away. Try the fully functional software free for 10 days with no obligation.