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COMPUTER CAREERS INTERNATIONAL, INC., established in 1997, is Florida's premier IT Staffing and recruitment company. COMPUTER CAREERS INTERNATIONAL, INC. specializes in Information Technology and Technical Sales staffing.

Business Challenge:

For COMPUTER CAREERS INTERNATIONAL, INC. speed and expertise drive success. With an established reputation for expertly serving its customers with the right candidate for the available position, the company receives loads of resume every week.

According to Karl McHale, President of COMPUTER CAREERS INTERNATIONAL, INC.', the recruiters at COMPUTER CAREERS INTERNATIONAL, INC. receives 1500+ resumes every week and they continually expand and maintain a proprietary databank of potential candidates. The resumes had to be manually entered into ACT!, the time involved in manual data entry and the lack of an effective resume management system handicapped the recruiting process and led to loss of business opportunity weekly. 'COMPUTER CAREERS INTERNATIONAL, INC.' not having an effective resume management system was finding it hard to give excellent customer service, gain customer satisfaction & lost major deals involving loads of revenue to its competitor. The competitor managed the data entry work by hiring more man power.

Customer Objectives:

COMPUTER CAREERS INTERNATIONAL, INC sought a Resume management solution that:

* Could be set up and configured quickly.
* Provided out-of-the-box functionality to meet both quality management and knowledge management requirements.
* Enables in maintaining a central repository of all potential candidates.
* Provided functionality that could be adapted to meet future business requirements with no additional IT investment.

eGrabber Solution:

Surfing through ACT! Addons site, Karl McHale came across ResumeGrabber among an array of recruiting software. The product was fast, accurate, stable and hardly required any technical know how.

ResumeGrabber intelligently extracts the contact details from the resume and creates a new contact in ACT! and enclose the resume as an attachment.

ResumeGrabber posts resume into Online Resume Submission forms.

ResumeGrabber transfers resume in any format into the recruiters database. All that the user needs to do is select the contact details in the resume and click the GO icon in the ResumeGrabber tool bar.

ResumeGrabber also checks for existence of a duplicate record in the database and warns.

ResumeGrabber improves placements by many folds, reduces the cost, response time and virtually eliminates data entry and associated errors.

Return On Investment(ROI)

The solution has helped COMPUTER CAREERS INTERNATIONAL, INC. to expand its customer base by 25 percent, provide better customer service. Customers have improved productivity through faster placements of Staff. Benefits include the following:

* With the inclusion of ResumeGrabber, COMPUTER CAREERS INTERNATIONAL, INC lowered the cost of operations.
* The company has been able to increase revenue while refocusing its core set of services.
* Clients have experienced no downtime after associating with IMS staffing, they have also added several employees and increased their production.

ResumeGrabber & Act, The perfect and complete resume management system with faster resume processing and ease of use.

With ResumeGrabber in place COMPUTER CAREERS INTERNATIONAL, INC. recruiters never wasted time on manual data entry, cut-n-paste of resumes there after. 'COMPUTER CAREERS INTERNATIONAL, INC.' now out plays all its competitors with ResumeGrabber and lesser man power.

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