Inhale Resumes from Job Boards, Search Engines and Social Networks

In today’s tech-dominant world, resumes are found everywhere. Search engines, social networking sites, job boards, free resume portals, blogs, personal websites, alumni associations are some of the major sources of resumes. It is quite encouraging for recruiters and hiring managers, but the challenge lies in how quickly you extract resumes and contact information from the above-mentioned sources to your database.

Typically, recruiters and hiring managers visit various resume sources and manually extract resumes and contact information to the database. It is a strenuous task for busy recruiters and it eats up most of the productive hours. Surveys reveal that recruiters spend most of their time to source resumes and extract resumes. Eventually, it leaves very little time to contact the prospective clients or candidates. This is where a resume inhaling tool can help recruiters inhale resumes from almost any source.

A resume inhaling tool with built-in resume parser intelligently identifies and extracts only the resumes from tens and thousands of search results. It eliminates the pain of manually sifting through hundreds of search results and it gets you only the resumes you need. The resume inhaling tool not only extracts the resumes, but it also extracts the candidate contact information from the extracted resumes and transfers them to your database.

A resume inhaling tool helps you extract resumes from search engine results, outlook emails, PC folders, job boards, clipboard, social networking sites, blogs, internet communities, etc. It helps you transfer the extracted resumes to the most popular resume databases / ATS. The resume inhaling tool helps recruiters to quickly build a database of qualified candidates and helps improve productivity by 80%.

ResumeGrabber JobSuite is one such resume inhaling tool that helps you to inhale resumes from search engines, social networks and job boards. It is a powerful tool with built-in resume parser that enables recruiters to quickly extract resumes from almost any source.

ResumeGrabber JobSuite supports Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google Desktop; transfers resumes to ACT!, GoldMine, Big Biller, PC Recruiter, Zoho Recruit, MS Outlook, MS Excel, HR XML, CSV, etc. The software supports various resume formats like .doc(x), RTF, Text, HTML and PDF.

Download the fully functional trial version of ResumeGrabber JobSuite and try it yourself.

Premanand Arumugam

Information Developer, Technical Author, Content Writer, Blogger

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