How recruiters can leverage the power of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the leading professional networking site used by job seekers, employers and recruiters. It helps recruiters reach a huge talent pool of passive candidates. However, to access this vast talent pool and leverage the power of LinkedIn, recruiters need to do the following: 
  1. Create Profile – Create a complete, keyword-rich profile for you/your company that impresses your potential candidates and clients.
  2. Join Targeted Groups – It helps you to quickly connect with your targeted passive candidate pool (even if you don’t know the candidates).
  3. Explore Groups – You can share information/job opening, participate in a discussion, post your opinions, search for candidates, etc.
  4. Expand your Network – Connect with your past & present co-workers/employees. They can be your best sources of referrals or even they can become your future employees. You can also leverage their network to reach your potential candidates through referrals and introductions.