How to search and extract resumes in 3 simple steps?

Recruiters use different sourcing strategies such as sourcing from resume databases, job boards, social networking sites, professional networking sites, blogs, forums, etc. But still finding the right candidate for the right job has been the toughest challenge for recruiters. The main reason behind this is recruiters spend most of their time to search and extract resumes. They wade through huge stacks of resumes in their database or manually search through the Internet to find the valid resumes and then extract resumes. This is not only time consuming but also tiresome. As a result, they are left with very little time for other recruiting activities.

So what is the solution?

ResumeGrabber JobSuite is a powerful resume import tool that helps you to speed up online candidate sourcing and resume extraction. Yes, it’s true! It helps you to search and extract resumes in 3 simple steps.

The tool has advanced Boolean search scripts that experts use to search resumes. Its patented resume import/parsing technology enables you to easily and effortlessly extract specific profiles/resumes from job boards, social networking sites, Google search results, etc.

All you need to do is:
  1. Enter the resume keyword. Eg. Oracle DBA
  2. Select the search script. The results are instantly displayed. 
  3. Click Grab to extract the resumes to the grid.
The resumes are instantly extracted to the ResumeGrabber JobSuite grid. After screening the resumes in the grid, you can instantly transfer the resumes to your database.

ResumeGrabber JobSuite helps you to search and extract resumes from the Internet, job boards, resume database, social/professional networking sites & your own resume folders in your computer and helps you to build your candidate pipeline in no time.