7 reasons why recruiters don’t hire overqualified candidates

One of the major recruiting challenges in today’s economy is hiring overqualified candidates. Even highly experienced candidates with credible references and excellent connections are unable to get a job just because they are “overqualified.” 

Ok, let us first see what “overqualified” really means. If your candidate’s education, experience and skills are more than what is actually required for a position, then she is considered as overqualified.  

Now, let us see why recruiters don’t hire overqualified candidates.
  1. Overqualified candidates do not find the job challenging; they might get bored and leave the company.
  2. Overqualified candidates might move away once a better opportunity comes their way.
  3. Overqualified candidates do not have a sense of attachment to the position or the company.
  4. Since they think they are too good for the job, overqualified candidates might have a lethargic attitude towards adhering to company standards and policies.
  5. Problems might arise during promotions and rewards.
  6. If overqualified candidates are not satisfied with their job, it might eventually reflect in their performance as job satisfaction and performance are linked to each other.
  7. Finally, an overqualified candidate might expect more in terms of salary and incentives which the employer might not be able to afford.

Premanand Arumugam

Information Developer, Technical Author, Content Writer, Blogger

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