3 tips to build rapport with passive candidates

Calling passive candidates is one of the toughest challenges that recruiters face. Because passive candidates are someone whom you don’t know, they don’t expect your call and they might not want to talk to you. Chances are high that you might get “No, thanks”, “Not Interested” responses. In spite of all these things, you got to build rapport in a few seconds’ time. How?

Try the following:

  1. Research on your candidate before you call. Get information about the industry, domain, trends, etc. and articulate them well in your initial introduction/conversation. Make them feel that you are a genuine person who is really interested in helping them. 
  2. Allow your candidate to speak, ignore negative responses, and try to explain them or ask for a referral.
  3. Be positive, polite and call them by their name.
Source: eGrabber Newsletter