Software to build resume database from social media

In today’s web-dominant world, social media recruiting is no longer a choice for recruiters and hiring managers. The social media has taken the whole recruiting industry by storm and the recruiting fraternity is using social media as one of their major recruiting strategies. The early adopters have already started to reap the benefits, and more and more recruiters & hiring managers are increasingly using social networking channels to source & extract candidate profiles.

Surveys reveal that more than 70% of the companies use social media as one of their recruiting strategies. Nearly 60% of the recruiters/companies say that they have successfully hired through social media networks. Among the industries that use social media for recruiting, information technology tops the list followed by professional and business services. Thus social media has made a huge impact in the recruiting world; it plays a vital role in today’s recruitment processes. But the question is how quickly and easily can a recruiter or hiring manager source candidate profiles and build resume database from social media.

Manually searching the social networking sites for job candidate profiles is a strenuous task, particularly when you are looking for hundreds of profiles. In addition, it hinders the other core recruiting activities. This is where a resume import tool such as ResumeGrabber JobSuite can help you to quickly extract candidate profiles from social networking sites and build resume database from social media.

With ResumeGrabber JobSuite, you need to just enter the keyword, select the search script and click the Find button. ResumeGrabber JobSuite quickly searches the social/professional networking sites and displays the results in a few seconds.

ResumeGrabber JobSuite has built-in expert search scripts that enable you to quickly and easily source candidate profiles from social media. It helps you to instantly extract candidate profiles and build resume database from social media in no time.

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