4 social media tips to recruit top candidates

Social media has become an integral part of every business. Its massive growth has reached a level where it is no longer an option and recruiters are no exception to this. 

The two major benefits of social media recruiting are, 1. Unlike other expensive recruitment methods, you can save a lot of money and 2. It creates brand awareness. However, there are a few basic steps that will help you to recruit top candidates using social media.
  1. Find the right place – Social media is huge. So, you need to first find out where your targeted candidates are. Recruiters consider LinkedIn as the best social networking tool, but there are other places like Twitter, Facebook, user groups, etc. where candidates hang around.
  2. Be active – The key to success in social media is, you need to be “active.” Post fresh content, share information, and connect with your friends, colleagues, industry peers and prospective candidates.
  3. Perform a thorough background check – Once you have some profiles of candidates, you need to extensively screen those candidates and perform a thorough background check.
  4. Make use of your network – Social media is all about connections, followers, friends, etc. You can quickly connect with somebody in the industry to get recommendations on your potential candidates.

The above tips will help you get started with social media recruiting. But please remember, you    need to have a proper plan to get the most out of social media.