Fastest way to find registered nurses resume from internet

Finding talented registered nurses and BSN nurses is one of the major challenges faced by healthcare and nursing recruiters. Despite posting innumerable job ads, it still remains as one of the hard-to-find profiles. However, some of the effective methods that only experts use to find talented registered nurses and BSN nurses are:  

  1. Advanced X-ray search of profiles through search engines
  2. Job portals and resume portals that specialize in healthcare
  3. Utilize social media reach.
 Advanced X-ray search of profiles through search engines

Now, we will pick up one particular example and try exploring the possibilities of making the best use of Google or Bing.

To get profiles of BSN nurses, which are specifically available in PDF format, use the formula below to search in Google:

~resume ( filetype:pdf ) "Bachelor of Science in Nursing" -jobs -apply -submit -required -wanted -write –sample

The Boolean script has to be changed based on the requirement of the recruiter.

Use the most popular job portals and resume portals

There are popular job portals such as which is predominantly used by the healthcare recruiters to source profiles of active job candidates.

There are certain other free sources to get targeted resumes of healthcare professionals. For example, to obtain resumes of BSN nurses from New York area, click on the link given below.

You can also search for various other profiles like Registered nurses under the free resume search available at

Utilize social media reach

There are quite a lot of groups in social and business networking sites which provide the most targeted candidate profiles suitable to fill your job requirements.

For instance, there are specific groups like RN (Registered Nurse) Network and Registered Nurse Specialties which is a network of passive candidates.

You can join these groups - watch, listen, participate, contribute and get connected with the candidates, build a relationship with them and then leverage your network. 

All the three methods mentioned above can help you find talented registered nurses and BSN nurses but you got to spend enormous amount of time & effort on searching, researching and building your network on social/professional networking sites, etc. This is where smart recruiters stand out in the crowd. They make the best use of tools/technology to speed up the recruiting process source candidate profiles from various sources, extract/import the resumes/profiles and build a resume database, etc.

ResumeGrabber JobSuite is one of the most exciting software that is used by recruiters to find talented registered nurses and BSN nurses  from search engines, job portals, social networking sites and transfer the targeted candidate list to ATS / candidate database including excel, PC Recruiter in a single click.

With the most unique email and phone appending technology, ResumeGrabber also finds the email address and phone number for profiles with missing contact information.