Compelling Stories can Improve your Placement Ratio

 Source: eGrabber
Though recruiters work hard to identify qualified people, some often squander their hard-earned assets. Each candidate is precious and can open a wide door of possibilities, none of which can ever be realized if you do not create maximum impact in the first call you make. A weak presentation not only kills a potential placement, it wears out your welcome and tires your candidate.

One of the ways to make a strong presentation is to tell a compelling story. A job is more than just a set of specifications or organizational requirements. Learn how to tell the story behind a job opportunity, and explain the dynamics of the people within the company. A well crafted story can help the candidate visualize, paint scenarios and better understand the ideas conveyed.

The more interesting the story, the more you get the candidate to identify with the job and the more likely you are to spark the candidate's interest to join or refer her friends.