Use Engaging Elements to reach out to Candidates

Source: eGrabber Newsletter

How adept are you at using Web 2.0 technologies to reach or find the best candidates? More than 30 percent of adults, in the U.S., between 25 and 34 years, create online content (blogs, video uploads, etc.) on a monthly basis. If this population's characteristic is a representative of your target, then are your sourcing practices in sync with them? What kind of online content do you produce to attract prospective candidates in this population?

You can use these technologies to be more persuasive, to better assess and engage candidates. One characteristic of this population is that they prefer to watch rather than read. You can create video ads that make a compelling case to a candidate on why they should join your organization or apply to a job ad. Your videos can show the workplace, details about the position, feedback from existing employees in similar roles, etc.