How to quickly screen thousands of resumes and find the best talent?

Screening resumes is an inevitable process that has gained a lot more significance since recession. The global recruiting scenario has hardly changed with job cuts still happening around, pushing the unemployment rate to 9.5% - the highest since 1983. So why should resume screening become all the more important?

The reason is, job cuts have lead to tens and thousands of resumes floating around in the job market targeting for a job. But the irony is that there are only a very few job openings as the employers are now very cautious with respect to hiring; they need only the “Best Talent.” It is the recruiter’s responsibility to carefully screen the resumes and find the best talent for their clients.

With stiff competition all around and stringent time constraints, the recruiters need to manually wade through huge stacks of resumes to pick the right candidates. This eventually takes a lot of time and resources. There is a possibility that you might also miss a potential candidate.

So, how can a recruiter quickly screen huge stacks of resumes and find the best talent?

Can you believe that a smart tool can help you screen and short list thousands of resumes in a few minutes? Though it sounds like a fairy tale, it is a dream come true for recruiters. ResumeGrabber can help you screen and short list candidates in just a few minutes.

ResumeGrabber helps you screen and short list resumes based on the location, skill set, keywords, etc in just a few minutes. ResumeGrabber eliminates the pain of manually screening each and every resume. You need to just enter your criteria and ResumeGrabber does the rest. ResumeGrabber also supports multiple resume file types like Doc(x), RTF, HTML, and Text formats. You can also send emails to the short-listed candidates and check duplicates before transferring to your database.

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