Supercharge your resume screening process

Screening resumes is one of the most crucial processes involved in recruiting, particularly in a situation where the number of resumes outnumber the number of job openings. In the current scenario, recruiters receive thousands of resumes for a few job openings. Hence, the recruiters need to be all the more cautious in choosing the right candidates from the huge pool of resumes.

As a recruiter, how will you handle a similar situation like this? Imagine you receive thousands of resumes for a few hundreds of job openings and you need to screen and short list candidates from different locations with different skill sets. If you are screening manually, how long will it take to finish the project or how many additional resources would you need to employ to finish the task? Manual screening is not only time consuming and strenuous but also increases your expenses. Moreover, there is every possibility that you might miss a potential candidate. So what is the solution?

An automated resume screening tool like ResumeGrabber Pro can give you that winning edge. ResumeGrabber Pro is a simple but powerful tool that helps you to quickly screen and shortlist the resumes. You can easily screen resumes based on specific locations and skill sets. Using ResumeGrabber Pro, you can streamline your resume screening process and save a lot of time and money.

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