6 LinkedIn tips for recruiters

LinkedIn, the best professional networking site, has almost evolved into a recruiting tool that recruiters can’t avoid anymore. To make the most out of LinkedIn, try the following:
  1. Accept all invites – Generally people would argue that quality is important than quantity but as a recruiter the more the size of your network the better it is.
  2. Invite everyone to connect – family, friends, colleagues, clients, hiring managers, candidates, etc.
  3. Expanding your network involves your time and commitment. Ensure that you add 10 people on a daily basis.
  4. Always personalize your invitation. Don’t use the default one liner.
  5. Join relevant geographical groups if you are working on an out of town role. Start connecting with contacts that live in that target city.
  6. Add your LinkedIn profile URL to your email signature line and in social media sites.
Source: http://internsover40.blogspot.in/

Premanand Arumugam

Information Developer, Technical Author, Content Writer, Blogger

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