Work on your strengths to stand out from the crowd

Competitive analysis is a method to assess yourself in the market place. It helps you identify your competitors’ strengths and work on them. It is certainly a useful practice but on the long run, it will look like you always look at other’s strengths rather than working on your own. It is very vital to work on your strengths to stand out from the crowd.
To work on your strengths, try the following:
  1. Do not take a huge project to address your weakness. Instead start doing everything better.
  2. Identify your strengths and start doing them a bit better each day.
  3. Start doing more of what you are naturally good at.
  4. Be consistent in what you do.
  5. Always try to beat your personal best. 

These tips will help you focus on your best and over time, you will get noticed for what you are good at.