Recruiter Tips for Newbies

Are you new to recruiting? Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced person who has taken up recruiting as a career, you need to follow the tips given below to overcome the hiccups earlier on in your career.

New recruiters, during the initial months, doubt that recruiting is not the right career to pursue. Psychologists say that it is quite normal to have these types of doubts, but the key point here is to hang on and learn the basics for the first few months. Try and learn new skills that would increase your competency and confidence levels. This will get you to a position where you can make a better decision rather than making a hasty one.

Write to-do lists on a daily basis to organize and complete your daily tasks; review it before you leave your office. This will enable you to plan and finish your tasks at work and maintain a perfect work-life balance.

Work on your questioning skills. Learn the art of asking questions that are clear and questions that fetch you the required information from the respondents. The best way is to continue practising on your questioning skills with candidates and you can also ask your seniors to observe you and provide feedback. 

Learn from successful people. Successful recruiters, managers and seniors can offer you the best tips that they have gained through their experience over the years.

Above all, you need to get involved 100% and not always rely on others for help. You need to be very eager in learning new skills and spend more time on developing your own abilities to be successful in the future.

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Premanand Arumugam

Information Developer, Technical Author, Content Writer, Blogger

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