Extract resumes from any source

Recruiters look for resumes from different sources like search engines, job boards, social / professional networking sites, blogs, personal websites and portals, etc. Apart from these sources, recruiters also receive resumes as email attachments and may also have resumes saved in their computers. So how quickly can a recruiter leverage upon this potential?

Manual resume data entry from different sources is strenuous and time consuming. With fierce competition all around, a recruiter cannot afford to spend most of his/her productive time in manual resume data entry. This is where an automated resume extraction tool like ResumeGrabber can provide the recruiter the winning edge.

ResumeGrabber is a simple, easy-to-use but powerful tool that enables you to extract resumes from search engine results, job boards, blogs, email attachments and from folders in the PC. ResumeGrabber helps you to extract resumes from multiple sources and enables you to quickly screen and sort resumes based on experience, skill set, location, education, etc. and enables you to quickly transfer the selected resumes to your database.

With ResumeGrabber, you can completely automate resume extraction, automate resume screening and automate resume data entry, and spend more time reaching your candidates and clients.

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