Automate Resume Data Entry

Spending more time on manual resume data entry on a daily basis poses the threat of losing a potential candidate or client. With stiff competition in the recruiting industry, it is very important for a recruiter to act quickly to succeed.

Manual resume data entry results in loss of time and it hampers the other core recruiting processes. Particularly when you are processing thousands of resumes, it becomes a tiresome task. In addition, there is every chance that you might copy and paste inappropriate data in the wrong fields and enter duplicate resumes / records in your database.

The perfect solution for these manual resume data entry hassles is to automate resume data entry. Automating resume data entry enables you to quickly capture and process the resumes. It helps you save a lot of time and enables you to spend more time with your candidates and clients.

ResumeGrabber is one such tool that helps you to automate resume data entry and makes a recruiter’s job look easy. It helps you to capture, screen and shortlist thousands of resumes in just a few minutes. It eliminates manual resume data entry, typos, and duplicate resumes.

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