Why screening resumes is very important during a recession?

Despite massive job cuts, companies are still hiring people but the whole equation has changed. Earlier, there were more number of job postings and less resume postings but now it is the other way. The recession has lead to less job postings and more and more number of resume postings.

The employers’ requirement is very simple – they just need the “VERY BEST PEOPLE” to help them tide over the ongoing economic crisis. Now, the onus is on the recruiters to screen loads and loads of resumes and pick the right ones as quickly as possible. Manually screening each and every resume is a tedious and time-consuming task. Also, there is every chance that you might miss a potential candidate or even worse lose an important client.

This is where an automation tool like ResumeGrabber can give you the winning edge. ResumeGrabber automates resume data entry and screening. It imports resumes from the Internet, email and PC folders, and allows you to quickly screen them using keywords. It then exports the resumes directly to ATSs, CRMs and Contact Managers.

ResumeGrabber not only streamlines your resume screening process but also helps you save a lot of time that you can utilize in other key areas.

If you are a recruiter buried under a stack of resumes amidst stiff competition and stringent time schedules, download the trial version of ResumeGrabber today and stay ahead of your competitors.

Premanand Arumugam

Information Developer, Technical Author, Content Writer, Blogger

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