Prepare yourself for the 'Hiring Spike'

An article in the February 09 issue of The Wall Street Journal compared the current recession to the recession in the 1980s, where after a steep plunge, the economy recovered pretty quickly. The article discussed about preparing oneself for the impending 'Hiring Spike', instead of being surprised by the speed and strength of the recovery.

To add to this, a recent survey of Fortune 1000 companies showed that 68% of them predicted that hiring will return by Q3 of 2009.

So, the question is: Have you prepared yourself for the hiring rebound? Use this opportunity to implement new and improved internal processes, acquire innovative technology, finding the best talent for your company, etc. Taking these steps will equip you to be ready and perform better during the hiring spike.

  • "Pent-up demand could quickly pull economy out of its hole" by Justin Lahart, The Wall Street Journal, February 9, 2009.
  • TalentDrive’s 2009 Hiring Trends Survey.

Premanand Arumugam

Information Developer, Technical Author, Content Writer, Blogger

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