How to easily find job listings in Craigslist?

One of the major challenges for a recruiter during recession is to quickly find and place the right candidate for the right job. The current scenario is, there are loads and loads of resumes available in the job boards and internet; but the irony is that there are only a few job postings by the employers. So, as a recruiter, you need to be all the more alert to spot the job listings as quickly as possible to make the most of it.

Unlike highly expensive job boards, is a centralized network of online communities that features free online resumes and job listings. You need to enter the job title and the city or state to find the jobs in a particular location. It lists all the available job postings for that location. If you want to find job postings for the same job title in different locations, you need to repeat the above-mentioned procedure for each and every location which eventually takes a lot of time. This is where an automation tool like ResumeFinder comes in handy.

ResumeFinder is a powerful tool that enables you to find the job listings in Craigslist in just a few seconds. All you need to do is just select the script and enter the keyword. ResumeFinder quickly searches and displays all the available job listings in Craigslist. You can even customize the script based on your requirements. Apart from Craigslist, ResumeFinder also helps you to find job postings and free resumes in the internet.

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