Resume Searching Software

Searching for resumes in Internet using the search engine is an exhausting work. Especially, when the search engine throws out millions of results, it becomes tedious to go through all the resultant web sites and retrieve the resumes. In addition, you need to be proficient with the advanced search commands to get exact results.

With eGrabber ResumeFinder, it is simple to search for passive candidates as the software contains all the in-built logics used by the search engines. The software contains a toolbar that allows you to enter simple keywords and provides results efficiently by implementing the advanced search commands used by Google.

Now you can use the complete intensity of Google without the need of being an expert in the search commands. If you are already an expert with the commands, you can customize the software with your own search logic settings. This will provide more competent results.

You can try the trial version of ResumeFinder from: