Fastest Way To Find Passive Candidates In the Internet

Resumes are everywhere on the Internet. But, if you are not a resume search expert, you will be hard-pressed in finding resumes of your choice. Simple search queries on search engines will return a number of unwanted and irrelevant results. Manually sorting resumes from search results can be a tedious and distracting task. This is where a resume search software such as ResumeGrabber Suite can help you to instantly find passive candidates on the Internet.

ResumeGrabber Suite has 100+ expert boolean search strings that enable you to search qualified resumes from the Internet.

 ResumeGrabber Suite helps you to:
  • Source and parse resumes from search engines, social & professional networking sites, blogs, personal websites and portals, etc.
  • Import passive candidate  resumes to the most popular databases such as PC Recruiter, BigBiller, ACT!, GoldMine, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, HR XML, etc.
  • Screen candidates and perform candidate background check.
All you need to do is just enter the resume keyword and click “Find”. ResumeGrabber Suite instantly searches the Internet and displays the results in a few seconds. With a single click you can extract 1000s of qualified resumes to the grid and to your database.

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