Automate Boolean search and speed up candidate sourcing

Sourcing candidates is not a difficult task at all but sourcing the “right candidate” is. Recruiters source candidates from job boards, professional networking sites, online resume databases, internal database and various other sources. But the challenge lies in finding the best talent from the huge candidate pool.

A normal search on the Internet will not get you the right results. That is why, recruiters who are well-versed with Boolean search use Boolean search strings to source candidates. But, it takes a lot of time to source candidates using Boolean search scripts.

Let us see what a recruiter does to source candidates for a particular role.

   1. Search candidates in her internal database / Outlook emails or PC/system folders.
   2. Write Boolean search strings to source candidates from different job boards.
   3. Write Boolean search strings to source candidates from professional / social networking sites.
   4. Write Boolean search strings to source candidates from online resume databases/portals/blogs, etc.
   5. Write Boolean search scripts to search resumes or profiles through Google.
   6. Extract all the resumes / profiles from the search results.
   7. Screen the resumes and shortlist the candidates.

All the above steps are done manually and it consumes a lot of time. In addition, only a person who is well-versed with Boolean search scripts can write those complicated resume search scripts. If this is the case, what will novice recruiters do? This is where Boolean search string automation can be handy for a recruiter. It helps you automate Boolean search and save a lot of time that you can use more productively.

ResumeGrabber Suite is a resume import tool that helps you to automate Boolean search – source & extract resumes from any source and screen & shortlist candidates more quickly and easily than ever.

You don’t need to write or memorize the complicated Boolean search strings. All you need to do is just enter the resume keyword, select the search script and click Find. The built-in expert Boolean search strings in ResumeGrabber Suite helps you to instantly search resumes from various sources and extract the 
resumes / profiles with a click of a button.

ResumeGrabber Suite helps you to automate all the above steps and offers you more time to reach your candidates.

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