How to: Find valid candidate's Resume and their contact information from LinkedIn?

Now-a-days finding valid candidate's resumes and their contact information is essential to every recruiters and most of them using LinkedIn / other Professional networking sites to find updated resumes.

I would like to help all of the resume searchers to find valid candidate's resumes and their contact information along with their updated resume from Linkedin. LinkedIn have updated their search algorithm to finding valid candidate's resumes from their database, like that most of the senior professionals are optimized their resumes using targeted keywords.

Assume this the recruiters may looking to get valid “oracle developers” resumes from “San Francisco bay area” from “Information Technologies and Service” industry and in trill down they may looking for the candidates who are currently working in the “Oracle Corporation”

Now find the below instruction to get the valid oracle developers profile from LinkedIn
1)Search “Oracle Developers”
2)Filter by Location “San Franciso Bay Area
3)Filter by your Industry “Information Technologies and Service”
4)Finally you can select the employee from current company “Oracle”



Premanand Arumugam

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