5 Powerful Cold Calling Rules for Recruiters

Sales experts believe that cold calling is one of the most powerful skills that every sales person should have. They say that it is proactive, productive, profitable, and it offers instant gratification. But when it comes to recruiting, it is altogether a different ball game. Recruiters need to follow certain rules while cold calling.

There are 5 powerful cold calling rules for recruiters. They are as follows:

  1. Build a Relationship - Be patient and be prepared to invest time in building a relationship with the prospect. Remember, the prospect does not know you or your services and doesn’t know how well you can help him/her. So during the initial conversation, focus on building a relationship rather than trying to convert a prospect into a client.
  2. Follow Up – Follow up with your prospects regularly through direct mail, telephone, email or other possible communication channels. Following up regularly and in a timely manner enables your prospects to have you in front of their minds. So whenever they have a need, they can quickly reach out to you.
  3. Build Credibility – Provide case studies or white papers or articles on your past successes (how you helped other employers) to your prospects. This will help you add your credibility. Ask questions that initiate a dialogue, make your prospects speak, and find out their needs. This will help you find out how you can be of help to your prospects. You can also share your experiences working with similar companies in similar situations.
  4. Be Specific – Before making a cold call, you need to be very specific in qualifying the prospect. You need to know the complete details about the prospect - type of business, industry, revenue, business associations & network details, budget, etc. You need to identify the right person who has the budget, authority, need and time to talk.
  5. Communicate Clearly – Have an irresistible value proposition and ensure that you convey the message clearly to your prospects. Tell your prospects how you are different from other recruiters in the market.

Apart from following the above rules, you need to always have a positive attitude, have in mind that the purpose of the call is to initiate a dialogue and build a relationship, leave a message if you could not speak to the person you want to contact, and above all be a real and genuine person.