Recruiting Trends Positive in 2010!

The 2010 Benchmark Pro survey involving nearly 4000 employers from about 15,000 locations across the country has revealed that 93.4% of organizations have started to actively look for qualified candidates. This is slightly up when compared to 91.1% reported in 2009. This is an indication that companies are slowly recovering from the economic catastrophe to make a gradual comeback.

The survey reveals the following:

  • Employers use various methods to recruit new employees. Advertising on the Internet tops the chart at 81.1% followed by newspaper advertisement at 63% and employee referral programs & job fairs at 54%. Almost half of the companies use Internet resume database and over 30% of the companies use sign-on bonuses or trade and professional association advertising.
  • Recruiting methods differ based on the industry. Job fairs are used by 75.6% of hospitality organizations, 70% of healthcare organizations, 64.2% of banking and finance, 51.6% of insurance and the least by manufacturing industry, 42.5%.
  • The recruiting methods also differ based on the region. Sign-on bonuses are used by 38.7% of organizations in the Northeast, 33.8% of organizations in the Southeast, 32.7% of companies in the West, 32.3% of companies in the South Central region and 26.8% of companies from the Midwest region.

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Premanand Arumugam

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