Update your partially filled referral candidate database

Do you lose the deal because your client pays you on a contingency basis and you can't afford the time on research?

If you answered ‘yes’, you need eGrabber LeadResearcher.

eGrabber LeadResearcher the latest Internet Research Automation tool uncovers hard to find candidate contact information that non-experts might not find.

In just a few minutes you can:

  • Find missing e-mail addresses and validate e-mail addresses to complete a candidate's profile
  • Find links to profiles of candidates on Professional & Social networking sites
  • Update contact information for one or more outdated profiles in your candidate database
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P.S Marvin Smith, a talent sourcer for Microsoft, was able to clean up a list of nearly 8000 prospects with unconfirmed e-mail addresses and produce over 3200 prospects with confirmed e-mail addresses within 24 hours, resulting in 117 new applicants for a specific project using eGrabber LeadResearcher